Island Compass is THE app to have while traveling in Abaco, Bahamas...

Charts are great but if you don't know where you are....charts won't help you. Download Island Compass and you instantly will know where and how to get to your location. The app is not meant to be a complete replacement for detailed navigational charts but an additional tool to help you find your way. Without using the "roaming" feature on your smartphone, the Island Compass App will:

  • - Show you Where you are
  • - Show you the direction and distance to your favorite location
  • - Identify points of interest (resorts, bars, rental property, navigation points, etc)
  • - Provide contact information to the destination as well as a link to their website

How to use the Island Compass:

  • - Download the app prior to arriving in the Bahamas or using a wifi connection once in the Bahamas
  • - While in the Bahamas TURN OFF your Roaming feature to avoid fees.
  • - Keep Airplane mode off
  • - Island Compass utilizes your GPS function on your phone thus no Roaming fees!
  • - Touch the icon in the bottom right of the home page
  • - Select the category you are looking for and hit done
  • - Touch the destination desired and hit "set location"
  • - You're on your way!
  • - No fees, no roaming, update using wifi
Airplane Mode "off" Cellular Roaming " off" GPS

So what are you waiting for! Go to the Apple App Store or iTunes and download today!

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